Year  Competition  Award

2016  NE District - Rhode Island Event Industrial Safety Award Sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories

2016  NE District - WPI Event  Quality Award Sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundations

2015  NE District - Rhode Island Event  Excellence in Engineering Award, sponsored by Delphi

2015  NE District - Granite State Event  Judge's Award for "effective and creative use of state of the art technology"

2015  Battlecry at WPI Noncombatant Service Award (for proving assistance to an injured person with first Aid)

2015  Mayham on the Merrimack Finalist

2014  Northeastern University District Event

2014  WPI District Event  Team Spirit Award sponsored by Chrysler

2013  WPI Regional

2013  Pine Tree Regional

2012  Boston Regional  Lost by 1 point in quarterfinals, seeded 8th overall

2012  Battlecry at WPI  Awarded the Team Award for working as a team and including everyone

2011  Boston Regional  Lost in quarterfinals

2010  WPI Regional

2010  Boston Regional

2009  Boston Regional Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control Award

2008  Connecticut Regional  Judges' Award

2007  Florida Regional  Judges' Award

2006  UTC New England Regional Xerox Creativity

2006  Boston Regional Xerox Creativity

2005  Beantown Blitz Champion & Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship Award

2004  BAE (Granite State Regional)  Team Spirit Award

2003  UTC (NE Regional)  Assabet team wins UTC Regional! & Delphi 'Driving Tomorrow's Technology' Award

2003  Battle Cry (WPI, Worcester, MA) Champions & Engineering Excellence Award

2002  UTC (NE Regional, Philadelphia) Assabet wins Philadelphia Regional! & Motorola Quality Award

2001   Assabet gains support of 26 sponsors!

2000  Florida Nationals  3rd Place Finish

2000  UTC (NE Regional)  Motorola Quality Award, Built Space Shuttle 'War Wagon'

1999  UTC (NE Regional)  #1 Seed, Motorola Quality Award

1999  Rumble at the Rock (Plymouth, MA)  Polaroid Most Photogenic Award

1998  Rumble at the Rock (Plymouth, MA)  Semi-Finalist,Team name changed to Straazztechs-Stratus, Aztecs, Technology Blending

1997  Florida Nationals  6th Place Finish

1996  NH Regional  Motorola Quality Award

1996  Florida Nationals  Most Photogenic Award

1995  New Hampshire  Most Photogenic Award

1994  New Hampshire  Most Creative Design Award

1993  New Hampshire   Most Outstanding Defense Award